About Us

Kevin Charles Metzer graduated from Lassiter High School in June 2008. He wore number 79 for their Varsity Football team, being their left offensive tackle. He was named Cobb County Touchdown Club’s offensive player of the week for Lassiter High School. He received this honor on his first game back after missing 5 games for knee surgery. He also was Lassiter’s heavyweight wrestler. He won 2 regional championships, and finiished 2nd place in the Cobb County tournament. In August 2008 he moved to Athens, GA to attend College. He would never attend a class.

On August 22, 2008 Kevin Charles was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. He would be admitted to Emory University Hospital, where he would spend many weeks over the next 3 months. He was put on a 25 month chemotherapy protocal. After his hospital release, he would go to Winship Cancer Institute at Emory each week for treatment. This would include 3 different intravenious chemotherapy drugs, muscular chemotherapy injections, brain and spine radiation, spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies and blood transfusions. At home he would take up to 52 different pills each and every day. He would take 4 different types of chemotherapy, steroids, Morphine and Oxycodone for pain, Ambien for sleep, Xanax for anxiety, muscle relaxants for spasms due to chemo, and 4 different types of antibiotics to try to ward off any likely and feared infections. He would give himself shots when his white counts became life threateningly low. He was scheduled to have meniscus knee surgery and spinal surgery to correct disc issues in his lower back after he was finished with his chemotherapy. Most of his friends did not know of what he was enduring. He never complained, and to them he just wanted to be a normal kid. When he lost his hair and his body became unrecognizeable at times, due to his treatment, his friends never treated him differently and he still managed to maintain his famous smile and his many bear hugs.

On Christmas Eve, 2009 Kevin Charles did not wake up. During his sleep he had been called to Heaven. He died of multi drug toxicity from a combination of all of the medications in his body. It was discovered shortly after his death that these medications had caused him to have another health issue of which he could not have won the battle. It would have been a painful death for Kevin Charles. God took Kevin as a “normal” young man. We thank God each day for loving Kevin Charles and making sure he would not have to endure the future pain.

Lassiter High School Wrestling has honored Kevin with the “Kevin Metzer Courage Award”. Each year this award is presented to the wrestler who has overcome the most off the mat, but has performed at his best while competing on the mat.

Our foundation is formed on the premise to help children across this area by donating through churches only. Last year our alliance was with Mt. Bethel UMC, St. Philip UMC and Transfiguration Catholic Church. Due to your overwhelming attendence and donations, we quadrupled our donations from 2010. This year our alliance has grown to include not only Mt. Bethel, St. Philip and Transfiguration, but also Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to our family of helping kids at Christmas. Our gol is to be able to add more churches to our alliance in the near future, and for years to come. We hope you will join us in our journey.

There are so many things we take for granted in our lives. Please do not let your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews be someone you assume will be there tomorrow. We are an example of how things so precious can be gone in a heartbeat. Please help us to ensure other kids are not forgotten and that Kevin Charles Metzer will live forever in the form of this charity.

Thank you. Kathy Metzer, Board of Directors, 79+1 Metzers’ Charities, Inc.